About Us

All women were NOT created equal.

No woman in this world, is exactly the same in height, weight, build, measurement, or proportion. We are all; individually, dynamically, and intentionally different, from our heads to our toes. This is just one of the things that makes a woman beautiful.

The Wild Calla is not just an online fashion boutique.

The Wild Calla was created with intent to inspire and empower women everywhere, to celebrate, embrace and love themselves, exactly as they are.

YOU are unique.

YOU are one of a kind.


Don’t hide your curves,

show off your blessings.

Don’t put on something to blend in,

put on something you are proud in.

Don’t buy something because the price is right,

buy something because it makes you feel right.

Don’t wear it because it is in style,

wear it because it is YOUR style.


Once in a while, we all need a reminder or a little push toward self love.

Here is YOUR reminder that YOU ARE are worthy. 

Believe In Yourself. Enjoy yourself. Be yourself. Challenge yourself. Indulge yourself. Empower yourself. Pamper yourself. Express yourself. And, most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF. 

So, OWN YOUR MAGIC, Girlfriend!

Start today...Your children are watching you.